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Updating the deployment share

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With MDT 2008, there were two actions in Deployment Workbench: “Update” and “Update (files only)”.With MDT 2010, there is now only one called “Update Deployment Share”.Once you upgrade your Assessment and Deployment Toolkit to version 8.1, so you are able to deploy Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 in your environment.

Updating a deployment share creates the Windows PE boot images (WIM and International Organization for Standardization [ISO] files) necessary to start LTI deployment.

The MDT 2013 installation file will overwrite and remove all the files it doesn’t need any more.

There is a catch and that is you have make sure to upgrade your deployment share.

So generally the first time you run “Update Deployment Share” it will take a while to generate the boot image; the next time it will see that nothing needs to be done and quickly finish.

We also modified the configuration for these boot images.