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Updating transas ecdis

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Not a issue that is widely advertised by producers of ENC charts and I only know about it due to deficiency at an oil major inspection and numerous emails to the supplier of the ENC outfit on this vessel.Obviously receiving the updates is an issue and these are normally forwarded to the vessel as CD’s in the post which can lead to delays just as it used to with corrections for paper charts.However most reputable companies nowadays have the corrections for paper charts forwarded to the vessel by email and there is not an excuse for charts to be out of date.

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Please contact your ADMIRALTY Chart Agent to discuss the right package of charts for you. At present T&Ps are available in weekly updates for ARCS charts and do not cause concern, However at present there is only one way of updating ENC with T&Ps and this is for the navigator to manually enter the position of the warning that the T&P concerns and then place a message on the ENC to refer to a printed copy of the T&P.This is apparently due to the way that different countries produce and distribute T&Ps .You can find out more about what each service offers by clicking the links below.Find out more about AVCS We distribute our products through a global network of experienced and trusted ADMIRALTY Chart Agents.The ADMIRALTY ECDIS Service is an easy to manage, low administration, worldwide solution for those who wish to navigate digitally.