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In addition to security, the broker’s own professional business interests and continuing obligation to demonstrate “reasonable care” require verification of the POA grantor’s identity and legal authority (position in a company or partnership) to enter into a POA.
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It’s a constant challenge to keep up with where they are and how they prefer to communicate.

Here are 7 ways to stay on top with your 2016 content marketing strategy.

An appropriate mind setup should be that strategy is not a “once a year” activity; it’s part of company life evolution, influenced by internal changes, trends, technology, competition evolution and other factors.

As leaders, we must ensure our strategy is clear and understood.

The quality requirement is never going to change when it comes to an effective content marketing strategy.

Plan of action: Long, authoritative content can be expensive to produce, but creative use of the information you collect can turn it into a bargain.

While 2016’s marketing may have focused heavily on promoting a new facility or program expansion, your focus for 2017 is unlikely identical.

Measurable goals and objectives are the foundation of a marketing plan and play a key role in charting the direction of your overall marketing program.

This will help you be sure that your marketing strategy will survive the next stages of your business. Many entrepreneurs suggest updating your plan every month.Twenty-fifteen marked the public launch of Facebook Live. As new marketing channels emerge, organizations must evaluate whether or not they can prove valuable marketing tools are well-suited to the content they seek to share and audiences whom they seek to engage.When evaluating the viability of a new marketing channel asses if it would be an addition to your current marketing channels or replace an underperforming channel, if your content is well-suited to its format, and if your current – and future – audiences are using, or open to starting to use, the platform.An effective content marketing strategy is a constantly moving target.In the early days, shady marketers were stuffing articles with so many keywords the sentences made no sense, while legitimate marketers were churning out dry, informational articles. Then blogging and social media came along, and everybody started to relax.When you are establishing a marketing plan, you can have a plan that is up-to-date or you can have a plan that is guaranteed to fail.