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Validating email in java

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It is supposed to use loose/generous regex to make sure an email entered matches the forms [email protected] [email protected]

Note: Your Reg Ex is not going to admit (a great many possible) e Mail addresses, and will admit invalid ones. domain names cannot have _, TLD's can be other than 3 letters, TLD's cannot be 3 digits, and the left-hand-side is significantly more forgiving than your regex.) I know this isn't related to the question you're asking, but do be aware that John_Crichton%special [email protected] (or .museum) is potentially valid while [email protected]_bar.999 is not.

For instance, I think it would allow the string “fred” to be a valid email address, but on the internet you really want to see something like “[email protected]“. In this post I’m including the source code for my package; import internet. Email Address Validator; /** * A class to test the Email Address Validator class. In summary, if you were looking for some Java code to help you validate email addresses, I hope this is helpful.

I am helping a friend with her Java homework and I adapted a solution I used in a similar project of my own for this.

In this real life example, I am trying to validate email addresses using java regular expression.

If you look at the Wikipedia article for valid email address it supports a lot of special characters but to cover most of the valid email addresses, I am assuming an email address to consist of characters, digits and special characters , – , . Also every email address must contain only one @ symbol. So a subdomain can contain characters, digits and special characters – and _.

Example Here's a class that validates email addresses through the static method © 2017 Hirondelle Systems | Source Code | Contact | License | RSS Individual code snippets can be used under this BSD license - Last updated on September 21, 2013.

Email validation using regular expressions is common task which may be required in any application which seek email address as required information in registration step.

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In this post I thought I’d share the source code for my Java email address validator class. I wrote it a long time ago, and I think I created it because Java’s class wasn’t properly validating email addresses at that time. String Tokenizer; /** * A class to provide stronger validation of email addresses. :) * */ public class Email Address Validator package; import junit.framework.*; import :) */ public class Email Address Validator Tests extends Test Case Sorry, I don’t have the time to deeply describe this code, but I hope the unit tests give you a good idea of how to use the email address validator.For example, we can use Regular Expression to check whether the user input is a valid Social Security number, a valid phone number or a valid email number, etc.Regular Expressions are supported by many languages.Sun added support for regular expression in Java 1.4 by introducing regex package.This package provides the necessary classes for using Regular Expressions in a java application.Taking all these into account some valid email addresses are: Email ID [email protected] is valid?