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Validating roi

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“Our TV campaigns at Christmas are our most profitable ROI, which demonstrates that when you invest in creativity and in creating memorable brand building campaigns you not only create short term commercial success, you build the brand over the long term,” she explained.“We don’t just do it for the sake of it, we do it because it actually gives a return to the partnership and makes it more profitable.” Swift acknowledged the commercial advantages of amplifying marketing around the Christmas campaign, going beyond the TV advert to enhance the storytelling element.There are a number of behaviors within the broader umbrella of engagement that need to be understood and measured in order to impact them. It needs to be calibrated to business goals to be effective. As individuals get more comfortable and connected to the social environment in which they are engaging, they will exhibit more complex engagement behaviors.At The Community Roundtable, we’ve worked to define these engagement behaviors in enough detail so they can be measured and addressed through community management. Yet much of our thinking about engagement remains simplistic.

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A more sophisticated understanding of engagement allows community managers to effectively influence and change it, and even to calculate an ROI for engagement.

However, the evaluation really should have started even during the previous phase -- the implementation phase -- because the evaluation is of both the activities of the trainer as they are being implemented and of the results of the training as it nears an end or is finished.

Evaluation includes getting ongoing feedback, e.g., from the learner, trainer and learner's supervisor, to improve the quality of the training and identify if the learner achieved the goals of the training.

This is where following sound principles of performance management is of great benefit.

Stephanie Mooshegian on Making the Most Out of Kirkpatrick's Level 1 Measurement in the Classroom Typically, evaluators look for validity, accuracy and reliability in their evaluations.