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I’m probably dating myself by telling you this, but I was born in the Fall of 1977. I’ve answered to many a name: Tone, Tone Lōc, Ant-Dog, T-Dawg, T-Bone, An-Tone, Anchovy, Ants, Anth, A-Train, T, AT, AT & T (I just made that one up), Tha-knee, Ant Honey, Anfernee Hardaway, Fat Tony, Hey Bus Boy, Tony Turbo (because my dad’s a slow runner), Silanoooooo, Silly, Cilantro, I appreciate the variety. I’m the first born of three boys now men called two brothers. We enjoy traveling, and if the occasion calls for it, we go blonde. My favorite board game is Monopoly, but only if I can be the thimble.

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