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Ackles departed Days of our Lives in 2000 and went on to appear in the mini-series Blonde, about the life of Marilyn Monroe.He also auditioned for the role of the young Clark Kent on Smallville, a role offered to actor Tom Welling instead.They are still currently together and attended a recent fan convention in Sydney, Australia in April 2009. He is a main character of the hit TV show on The CW Channel "Supernatural", He plays the role of "Dean Winchester". Jensen Ackles is now married to Danneel Harris, and now Jensen and his wife have a baby girl on the way-Jensen Ackles has already had a wife, and he is pretty discreet about his personal life himself. he loves his fans and likes reciveing gifts from fans though. but i dont know it :( OMG OMG ive been trying to find it all over google and everythingg. When they were on the set p…He is a smart and genuine guy.There are rumors about him being gay but no one knows for sure, or no one has proof yet -Honey, if you have to ask, then 99.9 % of the time the boy is gay. so yea every celebrity has one probably ; but they dont give it away i bet . It takes him a little bit of time to come out of his shell around people and he still gets nervous when being interviewed.Last I heard he was dating Daneel Harris (this is still true and correct as @ March 19 2009).Some people say he is now dating Jared Padaleckie because they do share a house and he is know single.More About Age: 43 Birthplace: Burbank, California, United States of America Profession: Actor Credits: CSI: Miami, But I'm a Cheerleader, Invasion, The Young and the Restless, Third Watch, more Le Ann Rimes and Andrew Keegan dated from 1998 - 2001.More About Age: 38 Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States of America Profession: Film Producer, Actor Credits: Independence Day, 10 Things I Hate About You, O, Camp Nowhere, The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy, more Also Ranked #94 on The Greatest '90s Teen Stars #5 on America's Worst Ex Boyfriends Rumor has it that Le Ann Rimes dated Jensen Ackles from 1997 - 1998.

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Ted C had been hinting for a while that Jared and Jensen are Judas Jack-Off and Dash Dingle Dream (Altho, Ted officially stated the Js are not JJO/DDD BVs he was alluding too), and that theyre marriages are fake.He also starred as the lead in the box office success My Bloody Valentine 3D and portrayed Jason Todd in the popular animated film Batman: Under the Red Hood.Ackles currently stars as Dean Winchester on the CW series Supernatural. Ackles had planned to study sports medicine at Texas Tech University and to become a physical therapist, but instead moved to Los Angeles to start his acting career. there was an interview from long ago in one of the supernatural magazines and he talked about how when he was younger his neighbors house caught on fire and without thinking he ran into it to make sure the kids were out. she is also pretty funny, some other cw actress called their marriage a sham on twitter and danneel sent her an invitation and told her to get a dress cause it was real. im a huge jensen/supernatural fan and i have never heard anything bad about him. she goes to conventions with him and just sits on the sides watching him.Next he appeared in a guest role on the James Cameron television series Dark Angel on Fox in 2001 as serial killer Ben/X5-493, the brother of main character Max/X5-452 (played by Jessica Alba).