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She returned to the center last summer as the chief executive of what is now a network of clinics headquartered in the Minneapolis’ Cedar-Riverside neighborhood.

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On September 27, 2002, Lederer posted an open letter on the forum putting Negreanu down and detailing the many ways he had disrespected his sister.While the two seemed to be able to keep things civil in the intervening years, Negreanu wasted no time including Lederer when speaking today about Duke’s inclusion on the list of HOF nominees.“If you took out the “F” and added an “Sh” in the word fame then yes, I think she should be inducted,” he added.

She has written a number of instructional books for poker players, including Decide to Play Great Poker and The Middle Zone, and she published her autobiography, How I Raised, Folded, Bluffed, Flirted, Cursed, and Won Millions at the World Series of Poker, in 2005.

“Along with her brother, the Lederer family would be the king and queen of the poker Hall of Shame," Negreanu said.

Negreanu was nominated for Poker’s Hall of Fame in both 20 but wasn’t eligible this year thanks to a new rule that sets the minimum age for induction at 40.

After graduation, she went on to graduate school in psycholinguistics (a field within cognitive psychology), at the University of Pennsylvania. She married Ben Duke, a close friend from the same school, and moved to his home in Montana.

She decided to leave school in 1992, after five years of graduate school and one month before defending her Ph. She played poker in nearby Billings, Montana at the state's legal card rooms.