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It’s called Trump and it’s just what it sounds like. You know going in you’ll be in the company of someone who wants to make America great again.
For those of you who don’t know, the Diddster has been dating Cassie for over 10 years.

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"I don't need any darkness." "I think I've got a lot on my plate right now, but I'll let you know," she added about Stern playing matchmaker. When Stern asked who she thinks is "the hottest guy right now in the world," she surprisingly named Gordon Ramsay."Honestly, I'm like, somebody who likes Gordon Ramsay," she said, also revealing she has a celeb crush on Anthony Bourdain. As for her own actor friends, Johansson said she doesn't have many, though she is close to her , where she shared that she's still on a "journey of self-discovery" -- much like her character, the cyber-enhanced soldier, Major.I mean, you're doing the same kind of thing that you do all the time, only you have to make these weird adjustments.Like, you're buying a slice of pizza and somebody's outside photographing you which is weird - that's not normal! And it seems one of this season's most high-profile hosts was duly impressed by the incisive commentary and easy raport of the segment's dual anchors: newly single, as Radar Online reports that Scar Jo has been smitten with Jost ever since she hosted SNL earlier this season.The site reports that when Johansson stopped by the show to briefly reprise her role as Ivanka Trump she and Jost were inseparable throughout much of the night.

Currently, he is the manager of a creative agency, according to E! The happy couple has been spotted together various times over the past year and you can see all of those photos in the gallery below!

It's all part of the forward momentum." Johansson said her daughter will have to wait until she's 11 or 12 to see the action film.

"You're asking the wrong person, because my mom showed me when I was, like, nine," she revealed. I had older siblings so there was, like, no filter in the house." "I still look back on it and I'm like, I was traumatized by that," she joked.

“Scar Jo hung out in Colin’s dressing room all show [on Saturday],” an insider close to the show tells Radar.

“They went to the after party together.” The source says Jost and Johansson made no effort to hide the fact that they're romantically involved.