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My main lines of research are on the effects of pharmacologically induced hormonal (i.e., estrogen and oxytocin) changes and serotonergic biomarkers in relation to affective cognition and various psychological outcome measures (i.e., mood, stress, and global symptomatology) in healthy female and male volunteers and in women undergoing in vitro fertilization.

I further have a strong interest in the developmental interplay between early life attachment experiences and their neuroendocrine correlates, and the epigenetic and psychophysiological signatures of such interplay in adulthood in relation to risk of psychopathology.

The Centre is open 24 hours a day, and no appointment is necessary.

My work has enabled a platform for new psychology students, who want to be involved in translational research, to join our cognitive unit and facilitated an environment for both current and future Ph D students.

My research interests focus on an integrated experimental approach to the investigation of neuroendocrine and psychological factors involved in risk for developing psychopathology, inspired by the tenets of the bio-psycho-social model.

An endeavour across the studies that I have been involved with relates to the establishment of a scientific framework, which accommodates at least three significant challenges: (a) integrating expertise in biological, psychological, and environmental academic disciplines, (b) formulating relevant hypotheses of causal interplay and applying relevant scientific methods to address such hypotheses, and (c) applying statistical models and tools to analyse and interpret multivariate and complex data.

I have supervised a total 14 master students, and in some cases I have also supervised medicine students in relation to specific projects.

My students have included psychology interns and master thesis students, typically over a period of 12 months.